10 Tips for a Frugal Budget


Follow these ten tips for a frugal budget to help you out of debt and live a simple life.

· Aware if how much you make and the source.

· Know how much you spend and where it goes.

· Set realistic goals. Set up a plan for spending to help you reach your goal.

· Create an emergency fund.

· Give an allowance for each member of your family.

· Keep track of your expenses.

· Create a plan to reduce debt and become debt free.

· Include the whole family in the planning of a budget.

· Be flexible. The budget should serve you not the other way around.

· Use cash or debit card and get rid of credit cards. 

Follow these ten tips to a frugal budget, and you are well on your way to a better way of life. 

We will explore the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial freedom you can experience by frugal living. Join the adventure. Learn about the different categories you should have in your budget. Learn how to put your needs before your wants. Find out who the gourmet cook is in your kitchen and how to discover a simple way to be a frugal living gourmet. 

Christmas is on its way and how do I prepare for Christmas and yet be frugal. This and many more questions are answered throughout the following pages.

Just remember: we are all human and make mistakes. Sometimes we are “just going to have to get something we don’t need” and blow our budgets. I have to admit; this has happened to me far too many times. All we have to do is forgive ourselves and move on.

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The backbone to any frugal budgeting is planning. My frugal friend, it’s time to make a budget.

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Discover a simple way to basically be a frugal living gourmet.

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