Christian First Date Ideas


The first date determines whether there will be a second date. A great first date will give you the opportunity to explore the possibility of a relationship with the person that you fancy. Most Christians dread the first date considering what is at stake. However, below is a list of possible christian first date ideas that you can use to dazzle your date.

Wine Tasting

This is a fancy christian first date idea that can be used by shy Christians to overcome the initial tensions. Wine tasting gives you the opportunity to learn new stuff while having a great time with your date. This takes off the pressure of worrying about what to fill into a conversation. The wine also opens up any social inhibition one may have during the first date.

Go Bowling

The fun and excitement during a competitive bowling game will definitely earn you a place in the good books of your date. To make it more fun, the loser should by ice cream after the game. The game should definitely be able to create an unforgettable first date experience that will leave your date wondering what you will be doing on the second date.

Eat Exotic Food

I am not talking about the cliche Chinese or Indian restaurant. You can plan to have a date in a restaurant serving exotic ethnic food. How about trying some food from Nigeria or Ethiopia? Your date should definitely love you for this as it is new and original. Do some background research on the food on the internet to avoid any surprises as to its contents when you have already eaten it.

Take Her to An Evening Dance

Go to a proper dance environment where you can get all dressed up and enjoy the splendors of proper dancing with your date.