Christian and Marriage


In a Christian marriage at least one partner is expected to be a believer of Christ.  If you are that believer it is in your best interest and the interest of your children to live by example to win your loved one to the Lord.  Being frugal in this situation is an excellent way to achieve this goal.   As a frugal Christian we need to look beyond ourselves and think of others.  Trust in the Lord to meet all of our emotional and physical needs.  Make sure you know the difference between a need and a want. 

As a frugal Christian we should strive to strengthen our marriages and relationships. This can be achieved by praying together daily. In the Bible it is said that when two pray together then the prayers are strengthened. Couples should set apart some time in there heavy schedules to pray together, it promotes unity, increases the power of the prayer, invites God into the relationship and also promotes intimacy. In a relationship the level of faith of the partners might be different they should encourage each other to get closer to God, be patients and take small steps towards salvation.

Christian couples in a relationship should openly communicate to avoid conflicts. A marriage is made of two parties who have come together and have different styles of communication. Each partner should be given time to air their grievances. Couples should face conflict with a healthy and submissive attitude. A good Christian couple should ensure they do not got to sleep before resolving a conflict, this helps to avoid build up of issues that may lead to resentment.

Sex is sacred! This is God’s gift to two people in a marriage to bring them closer. Lack of time kills intimacy in a Christian marriage; a Christian couple should therefore always create time to be intimate with each other. A Christian relationship should be fenced against intruders who come to cause infidelity in the marriage. Extra marital affairs are discouraged in the Bible.

Money is usually a source of conflict in a Christian marriage. Finances in a Christian relationship should be viewed as ‘ours’ and not ‘mine’. In the book of Genesis 2:24 the bible states that man and wife are no longer two but one. The couple should keep a budget to avoid overspending. A good Christian couple should also set some money aside for tithe.

Divorce and infidelity in a Christian relationship leads to depression and lack of favor from God. Before a couple decides on divorce they should go for marriage counselling so as try and save their marriage.

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