Christian Marriage Tips


Christian marriage tips.  Married Christians are dispersed all over the world.  God’s teachings are expected to be followed in a Christian marriage.  Where do you find these Christian teachings?  It is vital to search for spiritual growth in a reputable environment to guide you and your spouse in your Christian marriage, especially during times of “better and worse”.  Here are some tips for a healthy Christian marriage.

Pray is vital in a Christian Marriage.  Designate time to pray together.

The core of a Christian marriage is prayer.  An everyday occurrence for a Christian couple is praying.  Prayer is like receiving your dialing nutrition.  Without food our bodies starve, without prayer our spiritual beings starve.  When we pray together as a couple our prayers become stronger.   Praying together develops a special bond between the couple and God.  This intimacy with God is important to share often but especially in the morning, before meals, while walking and in the evening.  During this time of prayer we can ask God for guidance in all matters of our lives.  Especially the use of his resources that he has given us, such as finances and other gifts that we have.  How should we raise our children?  What we should spend our money?  How should we spend our time?   Living a frugal life as a Christian couple is our responsibility to listen to what the Lord would prefer us to do with our resources and make responsible choices.

Worship together

As a Christian couple you should choose a place of worship that you both feel comfortable at and fits into your spiritual morals.  Worshipping together sets a great example for your children.  You also want to choose a church that you believe is using the Lords resources responsible.  When you worship together in a body of Christ that loves the Lord you are also provided a precious gift of support to help you as a couple grow together.  While worshipping the Lord he gives us insight of how he wants us to use our resources.  Open your hearts while worshiping and listen to what the Lord has planned for you.  Many times he has a wait, wait upon the Lord.  Listen carefully and know the difference between the Lord talking to us, our flesh talking and Satan.  The financially resources that the Lord has given to us, need to line up with the Lord, not our flesh or the things of this world.  Listen carefully and make decisions as a couple and don’t go it alone. 

Always forgive one another

For a Christian marriage to survive turmoil, it is important for people to forgive one another when a wrong has occurred. This is because no human being is perfect; we all fall short of the glory of God. With every human weakness, it is good to understand and extend your hand in forgiving your married partners when wronged.  When you forgive your partner the bond is made stronger.   Not only is the bond stronger between you and your loved one, but with God as well.  Forgiving each other allows you to make better choices as a couple especially the important ones about how to use your gifts and resources responsibly.  When a wall is put up between you and your spouse a wall is also put up between both of you and God.  Your judgment becomes clouded and we make choices that will hurt us