De-clutter your home

21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge 11

January 7th 2014

I am taking “the de-clutter” your home challenge by Get Organized wizard with Michele Connelly.  I am excited about this challenge because I live in a messy house to my standards and I feel like I have too much stuff around me. 

The first step to this challenge is just deciding to take the plunge, admit that I am unorganized and need to de-clutter my stuff to feel more comfortable.  Then I decided to become a member so that I can access all of her programs as they come up. 

So here I am.  A new member of Get Organized program and I am tired.  I will move on to day one in the morning. 

21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge

January 8th 2014

Today was the first complete day working on the "Get Organized Wizard with Michele Connelly"  She said that it would only take 2-3 hours to complete the first day.  I am pleased to let you know that it took me 2 1/2 hours to de-clutter the specific room she has in her plan.  It may have taken me less, but I had a friend drop into to say hello.  This friend knows that I am trapped by my cluttered home and often drops in to snap me out of my train of thought.  Thanks to Michele I was half way through the days plan. 

The best thing about today is that it is in January and I still have my Christmas decerations up.  What a great time to start de-cluttering and get rid of all the decorations.  Also, I felt the freedom to let things go that I don't need.  The best part about it is that Michele gave me permission to toss items if it will bog me down to save it for a friend or to give to a thrift store. As a frugal person this is a difficult thing to do, considering that being frugal means that you are also frugal with how you dispose of things.  Just this once I have permission to just let it go to free up my mind, my life, and my home to enjoy life.  The room that I had to clean in the program looks fabulouse and I am glad that I have taken the challenge to de-clutter my home. 

Below is the link to the get organized wizard.  For just the first day!  It was worth it!!!!

21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge

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