It is Easy for a Frugal Homemaker to Save


A frugal homemaker is someone who is mindful of the finances, aware of all the different categories to maintain a house and chooses to do this the easiest way possible, to save energy and enjoy life.

A frugal homemaker is in charge of food, clothing, cleaning and maintain the everyday activity in the home. Sometimes it's the mom and sometimes it's the dad. A lot of the time it’s both. Some of us live alone or only with our spouse, which ever it is; they work together or alone to fulfill all the roles in the house. In our house my husband helps me out a lot. He picks up where I leave off or continues to maintain things when I am feeling under the weather.

Usually when a thrifty homemaker knows where stuff is it makes life simpler. The less stuff we have, the less cleaning we have to do, and the more opportunities to participate in activities we enjoy. It saves time and energy and is easier on our finances. This reminds me of a science lesson from high school. In order to keep something clean we need to put energy into it. Otherwise it will naturally fall apart; develop dust, dirt, cobwebs and over time fall down. In science this is called the first law of thermodynamics, it is where energy is not created or destroyed. Weather we put energy into something or not, energy still remains. Gravity is our biggest culprit. Without us constantly dusting picking up and putting away, our house, it will naturally turn into a pile of energy, better known as chaos.

We are creatures of habit. We love routine, anticipating the next move, relaxes our moods so that we can enjoy life. When we go to a seminar, it is pleasant to know the order of the lecture. This way we can prepare in our minds for breaks. Just like a lecture has an itinerary, we need to make an itinerary of our life, home, and families. The calendar is a great place to start managing your home.

There are usually certain activities that we do repeatedly day after day and week after week. If you write these things into your calendar when something comes up you won't forget that appointment. You can also use your calendar to discover past habits to plan for the future habits.

Dividing the homemaker’s duties into categories:

Finances we have talked about all of the area of finances but a frugal homemaker is aware of the whole pitcher and can juggle a lot. Balancing the finances within all of the homemaker’s categories is an art that we all are learning to master.




Living room







After school activities



Gift for Weddings and Anniversaries



These categories will be developed over time.

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