Frugal and Green Housekeeping Tips


Frugal and Green Housekeeping Tips

According to some experts, the air in your home is filthier then the air outside.   I guess I can see where they are getting at.  Our homes are air tight and don’t let the fresh air to run through and let out some of the possible toxins.  The products that we choose to use while cleaning the house may contribute to this.  Think about what you use to shake, spray and sprinkle around your dishes, on appliances, laundry and furniture.

Why should we be concerned about being green?  Will, being frugal is kind of being green.  The things that our Great Grandparents used in the past to clean their homes was safer and then the items we use now.  Being frugal green can save our wallet, protects the health of our family and others who breathe the indoor air and long term health of the planet.

Frugal green while cleaning

The basic cleaning ingredients of most non-toxic cleaning agents are:


Lemon Juice

Baking soda

Olive Oil

They say “if you can’t eat it don’t use it”.


Frugal Green laundry

Find bio-degradable laundry soap.  Why?   Most of us wear clothes all the time that means that eventually the toxins in our clothes rubs off onto our skin and eventually into the blood stream.  This is frugal because in the future we wouldn’t have as many health problems as we would if we didn’t think about this aspect of being thrifty and green.


Controlling little creepy critters

Pesticides contribute too many health problems including cancers, sterilization and problems breathing. Two ways to safely get rid of these petty little critters is with Boric acid or herbs and spices to keep these crawlers out of our frugal green home.


 Frugal Green is reusing and repurposing.

Next time you want to buy furniture think of buying used.  Not only is it awesome on your checkbook.  Keeps it out of the landfill, but it also reduces the amount of formaldehyde and the gasses from unleashing in your home.  Besides old furniture reminds us of the past that we often forget and reminds us to live a frugal life.

When in Doubt, Air it out

Every once and a while air out your home.  This releases trapped pollutants and brings in the fresh air from outside.  Use lemons, essential oils, herbs and spices, baking soda to clean your home.  It is popularly known that candles and air fresheners releases a known toxin in the air, so try to avoid these.

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