Simple frugal homemaking tips for the kitchen, laundry room, bedroom and living room.

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As we learned on previous pages about homemaking, a calendar is an important tool in developing a strong routine of good habits. We need to develop daily habits in the kitchen, laundry room, bedrooms, bathrooms and living room. We need to continually strive to remember to put aside time on our calendar to address these areas.


The kitchen, obviously, has daily needs. The room is the nerve-center of the house. It involves cooking, dishes, cleaning and buying and preparing food. How we use this area defines whether we are a frugal homemaker in the kitchen. Being frugal with our time and energy requires efficiency. Efficiency will help so we do not need to spend too much time cleaning and more time enjoying our families and free time.

Increasing efficiency can be as simple as improving the layout of your kitchen. You can take fewer steps in the kitchen by having commonly-used items in easy to reach places. You can also increase efficiency by putting things in the same place, including in the food pantry. Keeping the kitchen clean and knowing where the items are makes meal planning simple and shopping easier. That way we know what we do and do not need to buy for the future meals. Having the right tools, and only the right tools, in the kitchen is necessary. Most have too much junk in their kitchens. Do you really need seventeen knives? Do we need twenty-two Tupperware containers when you only have fifteen covers? Don’t get me wrong, we need lots of things. We need cleaning supplies, dishes, pots and pans. Maybe purging the kitchen of things you haven’t used for years will simplify things. Having less will create a more pleasurable experience in the kitchen.

Laundry Room

I don’t know about you, but I shut the laundry room when company comes over. The laundry room is, however, a place where we can let our frugal living shine through. Simple changes can make this a pleasurable room.First, and most simple, we need to establish a routine. Doing seven loads of laundry is not my idea of a good way to spend a beautiful Saturday. A load a day is simple, easy and time saving. Fold clothes while watching a favorite movie or television program.First, we can take care of clothes we purchase by washing them properly in the correct water temperature and with like clothes. We can hang our clothes outside on a line with clothes pins to save energy from the dryer. It is a known fact that dryers are hard on our elastic, especially with socks and unmentionables. Of course, it would be embarrassing (and expensive to replace) not to have elastic in our socks or unmentionables. I do know that buying a new package of socks and undies twice a year for each person has been common in our household. There are also many little things that can save time and money in the laundry room. Buying laundry detergent and fabric softer with a coupon is a responsible frugal choice. When clothes are taken out of the dryer it makes sense to take them out of the dryer while they are warm and hang or fold them before they become wrinkled. It prevents the need to iron or the need to put them back into dryer to get the wrinkles out.


There are a lot of simple things you can do to be frugal in the bedroom. A frugal person keeps clean sheets on the beds. Clean sheets prevent common colds from re-developing and help you get a better night’s sleep. You should keeping dirty clothes in a hamper and clean clothes in the closet or drawers. Don’t live out of laundry baskets. This prevents the need to wash clean clothes because the clean were mixed in with the dirty clothes. Energy efficient curtains on the window keeps the warm air in during the winter months and the warm air out during the summer months. This technique saves energy on heating and cooling bills.


Just like the bedroom, small things will go a long way. In Hanging up towels to dry after each use means that they can be reused, saving on washing and drying. Take a wash cloth to the shower after using it and clean up the water spots to save time cleaning the shower later. Remember time is money. The less time you need to scrub and scrub the shower, the more time you have for an enjoyable activity. This also cuts down on the amount of cleaning products you have to use on shower or bath tub. If you work on this for about 30 seconds a day there wouldn't be much soap scum to clean during your weekly chore. Once a day, try to use a toilet brush to swipe the toilet. This keeps it clean all the time and once again cuts down on the amount of cleaning supplies and time as well. Just like the bedroom, use a hamper to organize the dirty clothes.

Living Room

Being a frugal homemaking in the living room is not difficult. Take two seconds to sweep the floor clean and wipe down the flat surfaces clear of clutter. It is a good idea to have a waste paper basket in the living room. A designated spot for the remote can also eliminate the annoying routine of trying to find the remote. Try to use the living room for things than television. Give the television a rest to save electricity and get to know your friends and family. Maybe even schedule certain times that the television is off and play games as a family, read book or read a book out loud as a family. This saves electricity and opens a line of communication with family members. The most important frugal reason for this is to prevent miscommunication. This can help to fill the calendar and eliminate the "oops, I forgot" moment or the "Mom, I told you while you were changing the baby" moments. Take time as a family and give the television a rest.

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