Discover a simple way to basically be a frugal living gourmet.


What is a simple-basic-“frugal” gourmet?

Basically, a gourmet cook is someone who is an expert in judging, choosing and cooking fine food. You can find a gourmet cook in a fancy restaurant. They often go to culinary school in an attempt to become the best of the best and earn the title of gourmet cook.

A frugal cook, simply, is someone who cooks low-cost meals within a budget. Combine them together and you have someone who is an expert at choosing low-cost items and is able to turn them into fine food.


A frugal living gourmet.

It’s that simple.

Most of us don't have gourmet cooks in our kitchen. Most of us do not have the training or experience to create these fine foods. We all, however, have creativity, and are forced, by necessity, to feed ourselves or our family on within a budget. We need to be able to plan meals for the week, choosing and creating tasty meals for everyone. We run a restaurant in our own home.

Go stand in the middle of your kitchen. The one standing in the middle of your kitchen is the chef – you. You choose the food, cook it and eat it. It’s your kitchen.

That's right, whether you know it or not, you are the frugal gourmet cook in your kitchen. There isn't anybody else that is going to come along and take on the role of choosing choice foods for your kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, the job of frugal gourmet in your kitchen is a job. A gourmet cook has many hats in the kitchen. A frugal gourmet cook is involved in meal planning, baking, and creating healthy recipes and thrifty shopping. Please check back often as we expand on frugal living gourmet.